General Anaesthesia

For those children who require extensive dental work and who cannot cooperate in the office setting, general anaesthesia presents an option to have treatment done in one sitting.

We perform all GA procedures in a government approved private out-patient surgical facility.

The anaesthesia procedure is performed by a licensed anaesthetist who is highly experienced in putting children to sleep for dentistry.

Langley Surgical Centre

Langley Surgical Centre is a state-of-the-art private surgical clinic located in the Murrayville Health Centre on the Langley Memorial Hospital campus in Langley, British Columbia. Our newly renovated centre utilizes the latest technologies to help serve you, the patient, better.

Our doctors and staff will work together to deliver all necessary treatment required on your child while he/she is sleeping.

If your child requires treatment under GA, you will be given a detailed packet explaining all the pertinent information.

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