Pulp Treatment

healthy tooth
A healthy tooth

This involves treatment of the pulp, which includes nerve tissue and blood vessels, to eliminate decay, bacteria and infection.

A successful pulpotomy relieves pain and discomfort and prevents any infection from spreading to the healthy part of the tooth.

Following the placement of a suitable medicament, teeth that have undergone pulp treatment are restored with a long-lasting material such as a stainless steel crown.

decayed tooth
A severely decayed tooth with nerve involvement

Pulpotomy is the treatment of the crown portion of the pulp. Nerve tissue and blood vessels inside the tooth are removed leaving the unaffected root portion of the nerve intact.

Pulpectomy (or root canal therapy) is the complete removal of pulp tissue leaving no residual tissue. This is indicated when the nerve tissue is completely dead.

The type of pulp treatment your child might need depends on the extent of his/her tooth decay and the presence of any infection affecting the surrounding structures.

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